Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wip~~~sashiko stitching

I have a WIP kit that I purchased several years ago while in California at a wonderful quilt shop near Monterey.  The fabric is a loosely woven indigo and the thread is thicker than perle cotton and has no sheen.  The design is lightly printed on the fabric and the stitches are the traditional long running stitch.

The pattern and thread descriptions are all written in Japanese, so I can't tell you the name of the geometric pattern, but the kit and thread all say Olympus.  I have two more kits to stitch, and they each came with backing fabric to make a pillow.  I plan to make them into mini quilts or perhaps a table runner using all three designs.

The word sashiko means "little stabs" and I have found the stitching of these little stabs to be very relaxing : )


I am linking up to WIP Wednesday.


Pat said...

I've been fascinated with sasko quilting for a while now. Yours looks lovely.

Kristina said...

It's beautiful!

Betty Lou said...

Very striking. I have always admired sashiko.

Naomi said...

Beautiful stitching!

Hello! said...


Rebecca said...

I have NEVER seen or heard of this...just beautiful! Thank sooooo very much for sharing with those of us who are totally clueless!