Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1st edition-vintage quilt thursday~~~sunbonnet sue and sam

Vintage Quilt Thursday

I must be honest, I am not a big fan of Sunbonnet Sue quilts.   They are cute, and playful,  but this quilt block is not one that I care to try, at least not right now.   I do, however, have a charming, vintage quilt that my MIL gave me that I want to show you today.  I am happy to have this cutie, and I appreciate the quilt maker.  It is obvious someone spent many hours making this quilt, using many tiny stitches.  I wonder who it was made for?  It is in wonderful shape, but you can tell it has been used and loved : )

Each hat/bonnet has some extra embroidery stitches.  My guess is that this quilt was made in the 1940's. 

Click on the pictures for a close up look.

The fabric is a mixture of feed sacks and, I am guessing, repurposed clothing and dresses.  This quilt was hand quilted in a zig zag pattern, and the appliqué is needle turned.  The measurements are 63 X 78 inches.  The binding was made by turning the muslin backing toward the front.   It would look fantastic on a twin bed because half(10) the Sues and Sams are facing one direction and half(10) are facing the other direction.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Sunbonnet Sue/Sam quilt from the past.

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I hope to do more research on my vintage quilts as time goes on, and learn something about the quilt patterns and fabrics of the past.  Please feel free to tell me anything interesting that you know about Sunbonnet Sue quilts : )


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