Thursday, January 5, 2012

2005 graduation quilt

While spending time with my family in Colorado, I noticed my daughter had her graduation quilt and I thought I'd show it on my blog.  It was a very sunny day, and the pictures are really bright, but so is the quilt.

This is my original pattern.  I have used it to make several other quilts throughout the years, including graduation quilts, so I always refer to the pattern as the Graduation Quilt : )   I plan to make another quilt with this pattern soon, so I will take pictures of the process, keep track of the fabric used, and do my best to make a tutorial.  Maybe I will have a better name for the pattern by then.

It always makes me happy to see my quilts being used!

My labels are always pretty simple.  I think I need to start doing a little embroidery on that will be my goal for my next finished quilt : )



beaquilter said...

aww. that's so nice to see the quilt being used :-) and loved!

Richard Healey said...

I am new to quilting and have finished only 3 quilts. None are yet labled. What is the best way to lable them? Is that just a peice of material with perminate marker or is their a sience to this.