Friday, November 28, 2014

charms on point process tutorial

 I bought my first Cotton and Steel fabric from my local quilt shop.
I have really enjoyed working with these colors.

I pulled 30 of the 10 inch squares and cut four 5 inch charms from each.
I sewed them together in rows of 10, keeping the placement of the squares
consistent each time.  I am calling this a "controlled scrappy" quilt : )

cotton and steel charms

I decided to use the technique "turning charms on point" that I like to use so often.
Here are some process photos showing you how I go through the process of "turning charms on point."

Make the first cut from the corner and keep it straight!

Now the bottom will be sewn to the top.

Next cut the bottom as straight as you can : )

Now sew the diagonal together.

 And there you have it…you have turned the charms on point!

  I have the feeling there will be more controlled scrappy quilts in my future,
 I really like the look!



Bri said...

How clever!

Carol C Thomas said...

I just came over from the quilting board. I can't wait to try this. This looks so neat. Just need to watch those cuts. I am sometimes dangerous!

Debbie said...

I have never ever seen this done. Wow. What a fun transformation!