Friday, November 14, 2014

no sew burlap table runner

I decided to make a table runner for my Thanksgiving table.  I bought 3 yards
of burlap at my local quilt shop.  I had purchased burlap once before at a place
that will remain nameless, and it smelled so bad that I threw it away!
Thankfully, this burlap was ready to use : )

All I had to do was pull a thread to divide the yardage in thirds and then I continued 
pulling threads until I had about 1/2 to 3/4 inch and I cut it lengthwise as straight as possible.

burlap table runner

After I was happy with the sides, I straightened the ends and pulled these threads a 
little longer than the sides(my preference).

The burlap will look perfect on my Thanksgiving table.

I ended up with 3 table runners, so I will be able to give two away!

To help control the fray, it is a good idea to use the zigzag stitch around the table runner!
My guild friend, Jamie of Designs by Jamie, helped me get started on making this easy project.

These table runners were so much fun to make!  I know that I could embellish them
with paint or add fabric binding, however, I am happy with the
simplicity of the burlap and pulled threads : )


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Haddock said...

It is real neat as a table runner.