Sunday, November 9, 2014

hexagon pincushion tutorial

I made a hexagon pincushion for my Liberty of London swap partner.

Here is the tutorial/process for making this pincushion!

Begin with a 2.5 inch hexagon and sew 1.5 inch strips of fabric around
the hexagon, log cabin style.   Repeat this one more time with your printed fabric.

liberty of london pincushion

The last round will be with a solid 2 inch strip.

Now cut a backing and batting piece the same size as your finished hexagon above.
(I added batting because the Liberty of London tana lawn fabric
is thinner than regular quilting cotton)

Then I added some big stitches for added interest and to secure the batting.
All that is left to do is place the backing fabric right sides together with the top, and 
sew around, leaving an opening.  I fill my pincushions with crushed walnut shells.
Finally, sew up the opening with a slip stitch.  TADA!

I hope you will make a few of these as gifts….it's that time of year, you know!


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Anonymous said...

your fabric are so pretty! thanks for the tutorial.