Friday, December 5, 2014

quick gifts

I made a few gifts this week. Both projects were fast and easy!

First up…..some flax seed eye pillows….very relaxing when heated in the microwave.

Next I made some hand warmers filled with rice….also heated in the microwave!

Both of these projects are a great way to use some of your favorite scraps : )



Carie said...

Those are great ideas and I love the fabrics you've used, especially the cats!

LynCC said...

hmmmmm :) My nieces could probably use hand warmers for Idaho mornings walking to school!!

Paulette said...

Love all your projects. Thanks for sharing. I was looking at your velveteen pinkeeper from 2012 and need to know what brand/type magnet you used. The one I have wont work with fabric on top.

Rene' said...

These are so great Elizabeth, especially with your lovely fabrics! I also made some hand warmers for a Christmas day I'll do a blog post and share pictures ;-)) Love the tiger Cotton+Steel fabrics you chose for the eye pillows. These are also on my list for next year gifts.