Thursday, May 31, 2012

show off friday~~~lost and found

Show Off Friday
I am showing off an old denim and flannel rag quilt that I thought was lost.  I gave it to my son years ago, and it had disappeared.   Well, we were babysitting my daughter's dog this week-end and I was surprised to see this quilt at the bottom of the dog crate under an old comforter : )

I machine quilted lots of subliminal messages like these...
Call Home(above) and Study(below) 

I  machine quilted different designs too.

I am glad this quilt was found, it will make a nice picnic quilt. 
 It was made with jeans and flannel shirts.  Have you ever made a rag quilt?
They are so easy and as you can see, a fun way to practice your machine quilting.

I am having so much fun with my stitching project, and I appreciate
the comments with the tips for making french knots.  They helped me a lot!

Now it is your turn to link up something~~~~ what do you have for

Show Off Friday

There are no rules for this link up party....this is just the place to show off projects you are working on!



Teje said...

Hi Elisabeth! Your quilt is really beautiful! I haven't done any like that but looks fun! Great that you found it! Also your stitching looks fantastic! I'll go to get my link - thank you for a party time! x Teje

Kat said...

What a great surprise to find this! I love the "messages" you quilted in there. Thanks for the Friday linky party!

Cherie said...

What a strange place to find it. How did it end up there?
Love the embroidery work, you've made a lot of progress on it =D

ANudge said...

I've made a lot of rag quilts. They are fun to do. I like the messages you put in yours for your son. Glad you found it. Love your embroidery work.