Sunday, December 4, 2011

little quilt monday~~~merry christmas stitchery

Little Quilt Monday

I made a simple little stitchery and framed it with some pretty pinecone fabric.  Then I FMQ(free motion quilted) in a meandering way.  What an easy little mini quilt : )

The measurements for this little quilt are 14 X 17 inches.

I know that for many, this is a very busy time of year!  I hope you have something to link up this week 
Little Quilt Monday.

  Maybe you have been making some cute gifts.  Let's inspire each other!
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Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

How sweet ... Quilty Christmas decorations are so festive! Thanks for Little Quilt Monday! It's fun to have the motivation to get something done, and to have a place to share.

The Mayo Family said...

Hello Elizabeth~
How cute & so simply holiday adorable!
We all give it a thumbs up here :)
We are starting to get the house ready this week &!
Yea! Where do the days go...?
Have a great week!
P.S. I am sure I missed a post way back...just wondering, do you have a seperate room just for your craft/sew area/stuff?