Saturday, October 8, 2011

quilted zipper bags

I have been making little zipper bags for years.  I use them as make-up bags, plug and internet cord bags, camera bags, and they also make great gifts.  They are a wonderful way to use scraps of fabric and also to practice machine quilting.

I keep this bag in my purse and use it as a make-up bag.  I photo-copied a picture of a party pic taken years ago with some of my college friends : )

Tiger suggests a bag with his picture for felt mice(he's never met the real thing) and cat treats.....

Don't forget to link up with your mini quilts on Little Quilt Monday : )



Kelli said...

Great little bags! Esp. love the one with the pic of your college friends.

Anonymous said...

Look at you go! Great job. Zip pouches are great...I'm planning to make some for my daughter's soccer team!