Wednesday, October 19, 2011

amish wip

I had this little amish quilt pinned and waiting to be quilted.  This was before I discovered the 505 basting spray!  I have taken out the pins and spray basted it and I am ready to hand stitch : )  The squares in the center measure 1 inch finished and the little quilt measures about 28 inches square.  Now I am trying to decide what color or colors to use for my stitching.  I am considering black or purple thread, and of course, the bright blue thread shown.  I would be so happy with some suggestions!  What color would you choose?



Debbie said...

Such a beautiful little quilt! I've always wanted to make an Amish colored quilt!

KristyLou said...

I LOVE the basting spray!!!! Your quilt is really neat.

Carla said...

You had me at Amish.... love it! I say stick with the blue thread you are showing.

The Mayo Family said...

oh Elizabeth!
Just a dream lil-quilt!
We over at our home vote it darling :)
You know these girls of mine are into looking at ...quilts! :)
Love the colors & we like the thread you have next to it!
Can not wait to see it! :)

M-R said...

Wow, that quilt just pops! Beautiful! I have the worst time trying to choose thread. I say blue thread?

Kirsten N said...

Gorgeous - love the colours!!