Friday, October 7, 2011

learning to crochet

I am going to learn to crochet by taking a free class at Crochet School with Dana at Craftyminx.  I have planned to learn and I already have a box of patterns.

I have the yarn and and the hook so now I am ready to crochet!

Look at me, I have made a slip knot and have started my chain stitch : )

Oh what fun, I will need to practice this a little bit longer before I can do this:

Do you crochet? 

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sunny said...

I crochet! It's fun and easy and you'll be making a ripple afghan in no time!!

Kristi said...

lol....I can chain stitch like you are doing now, but that is it. I can go back and forth and back and forth again, but that is all. lol It's very relaxing if I say so myself.
Good luck in your learning

Karen said...

Going to a class is a good idea! I had wanted to crochet for a long time but I didn't know anyone who could teach me. I tried learning out of books but it just wasn't quite right. In the end I finally got it when I saw a program on TV teaching you how to do it. Just seeing someone using the hook was so different to looking at the pictures in a book.

I don't do much now. I made several softies once I learnt but have been concentrating on sewing for a good while now. But at least I know how to do it if I want to!