Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I made this checkerboard in bright "french" inspired fabrics.  I have always liked the look of the checkerboard pattern, and it is easy to make in any size that you choose.  This quilt measures 30"X30".  I enjoy making small quilts because they give me a chance to do a little hand quilting.  I would never tackle a large quilt to hand quilt because it would probably never get finished!  I recommend making a checkerboard for the fun of it, and who knows, I may even play a game of checkers on it one day : )

These fabrics make me smile and I like the backing fabric too...I am glad I have enough of each of them left in my stash to play with another day!



Betty Lou said...

French Country fabrics inspire me,they are so bright and cheerful. Love your little checkerboard quilt.

Quiltstory said...

Very cute! I'll have to make a smaller quilt to try hand quilting, I want to do it but I get intimidated, I think you have the perfect solution!