Monday, January 3, 2011

birdie stitches

I just finished my Block 1 of Birdie Stitches and I wanted to show you how I prepared my block for stitching, because each month I will prepare my block the same way.  I decided to use my stash of fabric in black and white, and I am happy with the result.

First I sewed my 2 1/2" strips in sets of 6 and 4(two sets of each).

Then I cut 2 1/2" strips off each set.

Then I sewed the pieced strips to the the 8 1/2" kona ash square.

Finally, I embroidered the cute pattern!

I will repeat these steps each month.  There is a flickr group with everyones blocks, and they are all different and oh, so cute!  Why not click the Birdie Stitches badge and join me in this cute stitchery adventure : )


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