Monday, January 17, 2011

cigar box

I keep my stitchery floss, scissors, and needles in cigar boxes.  As I get my stitchery projects ready, I can put the needed supplies in a cigar box to keep them separate and organized.  I have had my light box, blue pen,  and both cotton and linen fabric out today, getting some projects ready to stitch.  They are perfect for when I am in the mood to do something while watching television with my husband.

I show several embroidery projects on buttons on my sidebar if you are interested in a little stitchery of your own.  And you don't have to smoke cigars to get the cigar boxes : )  They sell them at the cigar shop for 50 cents!




Anonymous said...

I just saw that middle stitchery on another blog! =)

I remember my dad storing all sorts of things in cigar boxes...he didn't smoke cigars, so not sure where all the boxes came from, but they're perfect for storage!

Val said...

Good Lord's Day to You Elizabeth,
I have enjoyed my looking around your little "home in Blogland" I love the little house picture and the way that it is a reminder to you of all of us out here. I just want to ask you "what kind of thread is this in your cigar box? Is it what you use for embroidery, or quilting? I usually see embroidery thread in six strands and you have to separate them out to use, so I was really interested to know what kind these are in your super cigar box.
May you have a happy and creative 2011 :0)
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

elizabeth said...

Val, I use Valdani handdyed thread. It is very nice on wool, but I used it on linen and cotton too. I am not an expert at embroidery, so I just use what I like : ) Thanks for stopping by my blog!