Thursday, June 21, 2012

show off friday~~~prairie points process

Show Off Friday
Here are the pictures(lots of them) of my process, while making the prairie points for my mini quilt.
I got my inspiration and guidance from McCall's Quilting,
issue July/August 2010....Get The Point, a pillow using prairie points.

I started with 3 inch fabric strips, folded in half(lengthwise) and cut in 3 inch segments.

Next I made the prairie points by folding each end to the center, toward the
unfinished edge.

I lined the PP on my cutting board, overlapping by 1 inch.

Now it is time to start sewing them to my linen.  I pinned the PP to a piece of linen and then
added a 1.5 inch strip and sewed across the top.

I lined up the next row and repeated the process.

  I hope these pictures have helped you understand how easy PP can be!
I will show you my finished mini quilt using prairie points on Monday : )

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Debbie said...

very fun!

Maria said...

Thanks, these look really pretty.

JanetK said...

Thanks for the tutorial on prairie points - you make it look easy!

Cherie said...

They look so cute! Thanks for the tutorial =D