Friday, October 19, 2012

show off friday~~~1600 quilt

Show Off Friday

I couldn't stand it any longer and I brought my sewing machine to my new house and decided
to make a 1600 or Jelly Roll Race quilt.  We have sold the house(Happy Dance) so we can begin 
moving to the new house in a couple of weeks.  I have gotten so much, donating, although I haven't been sewing or blogging I have been a busy bee : )

However, yesterday I couldn't stand it any longer, and I had fun sewing the jelly roll
strips together like I sew on a binding strip.

Here is the pile almost ready to begin the race....I mean quilt : ).  Have you made one of these?
How long did it take you to make the quilt?  I will time my sewing and let you
know how long it takes me to make my jelly roll quilt

Now it is your turn to link up something~~~~ what do you have for

Show Off Friday

There are no rules for this link up party....this is just the place to show off
projects you are working on!