Thursday, March 22, 2012

vintage quilt thursday~~~bow tie quilt

Vintage Quilt Thursday
Vintage~~~Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.

This vintage bow tie quilt is in wonderful condition.  It has been hand quilted in a beautiful crosshatch on the bow ties and a pretty circular feather motif on the solid melon squares.

I used my new book to help me date the fabrics.  I believe these fabrics were from 1910-1935. 
 The bow tie quilt block was first made around 1898, so it would have been a common pattern by 1910. 

The blocks were hand pieced.  I love how they placed one of the blocks in a different direction.

This quilt has very few feminine fabrics, making it a perfect quilt for a guy!

By the looks of this quilt, I don't think it was ever used.  Oh, how I wish it had a label. 
I wouldn't be surprised if the blocks weren't made and forgotten, and someone found them and put them together with the melon squares years later. 

Well, now it is your turn to show us something vintage....there hasn't been much interest, so I will probably not have the link up party after today.  That is fine, I will still research and document my vintage quilts.....I'm having fun : )  I am also going to make a few bow tie blocks and I will show them tomorrow.

Vintage Quilt Thursday
 1. This link-up party is for any vintage quilted or sewing related item.
2.  If it is something that you have already blogged about, there is no need to write a new blog post,  just link to the one that you have already written.
3.  Please link back to my blog post.

My hope is as I do more research on my vintage quilts and quilted items, that I will gain more knowledge about the quilt patterns and fabrics of the past.    



Taryn said...

The more I see bowtie quilts the more I think I must make one myself. I am leaning toward using cheddar or red for my background. I have on quilt that is peach and white. It is baskets and if I can get a good photo of it I'll try to post it. My peach is very light and nearly reads yellow. I bought it because I thought it was yellow but, alas, it was peach.

beth said...

Love this quilt!

regan said...

I love this bow-tie quilt. And the solid peachy color is great with the blocks! Love it!

This is my first time to linky up! And it worked! Woohoo!

Cherilyn said...

I love bow-tie quilts and getting inspiration from antique quilts. Do you mind if I Pin this?

Elizabeth said...

I love the bow-ties, too. I'm having fun looking through your blog - I just found it through Beth's Love, Laugh, Quilt. I added my link to the Vintage Quilt Thursday. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share. I'm looking forward to seeing what others add.

Cherie said...

*giggle the date fabric book giggle* The bow ties are awesome! So cute!! I'll have to find a tutorial on how to make them =D