Wednesday, June 22, 2016

100 day project

I am doing a 100 day project.  I have seen different people doing them(some are painting, journaling, writing...each day) on IG and I decided it would be a fun exercise to sew the same block everyday, so I am making Elizabeth Hartman's cat blocks.

cat blocks

I decided to use my black and white stash, and I am having fun doing a little bit of fussy cutting as I go.  Today is day seven, so once again I will be playing in my black and white scraps tonight!



Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Love your kitties. I've been thinking about doing this too but have not been getting much sewing in lately with summer and all.

ES said...

Hi, I read this back in June (when you published it!), and I was inspired to choose a 100 day project! I decided to try and sew everyday whether I managed just five minutes! I'd been in a slump and had been wishing to sew but I could never find the time, but I twice managed 50 straight days of sewing each day and it really changed my mindset, but best of all it picked my mood up consistently and pow, my creative imagination burst forth!! It aided my mental health. So thanks for your blog post :) it struck a chord! I'm thinking about making a fabric yoyo daily for maybe a month, starting in Jan, I'll see what I want to do from there!!