Wednesday, September 14, 2011

big stitch

I am quilting with a big stitch like I have seen Mary of Molly Flanders use quite often : )   I am trying out the 505 basting spray and so far I really like how it holds the three layers together.

I am also using crochet thread instead of the perle cotton #8 that most quilters are using these days.  I just found more colors in the crochet thread and it is also economical and comes in large amounts.  I hope I am not breaking any rules!

Here is what I have quilted so far:



beth said...

There are no rules.

LynCC said...


Betty Lou said...

Live on the edge---break some rules. I just tried Big Stitch and realty enjoy doing it and it goes so much faster. I broke the rules with my Big Stitch-----no hoop.

Karen said...

Rules? what rules?

amylouwho said...

there are no rules - just differences of opinions. love the look!