Tuesday, September 6, 2011

baby taggy blanket square

I have several baby showers to attend and my daughter, MB, told me about something called a "taggy blanket" that one of her PT patients told her they made for baby gifts.  MB explained it to me, and I also did a google search and found this tutorial.  It is a quick and easy little "made by me" project that I can give along with a purchased gift.   Although I would love to always give the gift of a baby quilt, I don't always have time to make one before the shower, and this little ribbon quilt can be made in no time : )

This taggy is 13 inches by 13 inches.  I am going to link this to Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday.



sunny said...

How cute! I've never made one of these. Yet.

Winona said...

It has been over twenty years since I had a baby at home. What is the purpose of these? Maybe for the babies to feel and rub the ribbons? Just curious as I have seen these on other blogs. It looks great, by the way!

Laurrie said...

My Grandson was given one of these when he was born, and he absolutely loved it. Chewed and sucked it to death.