Wednesday, August 27, 2014

nautical banners

We spent last weekend celebrating the marriage of my son… the rehearsal dinner on Friday
 evening and the wedding on Saturday evening.  The charming old church is
close to a big lake in Oklahoma, so naturally, we had to have an evening cruise on the lake for the
rehearsal dinner on Friday evening.

It was great fun, with lots of Mexican food, beverages, and "stories" with many
 close friends and family.  I knew there wasn't much need in decorating with the
beautiful lake surrounding us, so I just made a few banners to hang and flutter
 while we were cruising around on the boat : )

I didn't get any good pics on the boat of the nautical banners, so these pics will have to do!

For dessert we had the cutest sugar cookies shaped like anchors, but did I
get any pics before they were all gone….nope : )

It was a fabulous weekend, and now I have a wonderful daughter-in-law!!



RobinLovesQuilting said...

Congratulations on your son's wedding! Those flags are lovely, and tie in well with both the colors and the theme! Many happy returns to your son and his new wife!

elizabeth said...

Thank you, they are so very happy!