Wednesday, August 10, 2011

vintage quilt tops

I have two vintage quilt tops.  The green one has been hand pieced.  It has been used as a Christmas tree skirt several times.  The red one has been machine pieced and has lots of issues(fraying).  I have considered making tablecloths out of them, but so far haven't gotten that done.  Any suggestions?  I love to look at the old fabric designs, and it is fun to see that quilt patterns, like zigzags and hexagons, never go out of style : )  In fact, they both have a "modern quilt" look, don't you think?



beth said...

They're both beautiful!

Rosa said...

Thhey are beautiful and what about to do a lapp quilt?

Mary said...

They are lovely! The pattern of the second quilt is very unique.