Monday, May 2, 2011

two sided mug rug

I made this mug rug for my son's new office, and one of the guys he works with(that I have known since he was a young boy) ask my son if I would make him one.  He wanted to have two of his favorite teams on his mug rug....Thunder(NBA basketball) and OU(University of Oklahoma).  I made this one for him and he can turn it over depending on which team he wants to cheer on that day : )

I didn't put a binding on it and it is pretty simple.  I let the fabric do all the work, and I am flattered that he will display this on his office desk!  Two young lawyers that have some fun memories between them.  I smile thinking about their younger days....their senior year in high school my son was class president and his friend was student counsel president....oh the skits they would put on during the school assemblies.  The firm they work for is very blessed to have them!



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Betty Lou said...

Pretty novel idea Elizabeth, He will enjoy no matter what side he uses, then he can boast to his buddies, "My Mom made that for me."