Monday, February 21, 2011

time to organize

My sewing room is out of control and it is time to get it organized so I can enjoy myself when I sew.  That is what happens when you have too many projects going at once.  I am working on rearranging my fabric and also my sewing area, and that is why it is messier than usual : )  It is always a good feeling to get things back in order!

I have been making a few hexagons and another mug rug, but most of my projects will have to wait until I am satisfied with my sewing room organization.  Spring cleaning is a good thing and I am ready for Spring!




Betty Lou said...

I really need to get my fabric straighten and get rid of some things. Guess if your call it spring cleaning it sounds better. Love your hexies.

Karen said...

Excellent mug rug!!!