Monday, November 29, 2010

christmas table runner

I am beginning to make a few things with my Christmas fabric stash.  The only new Christmas fabric I have purchased this year can be found here.   I haven't decided what to make with Aneela's darling holiday fabric, but I will show you as soon as I decide.

The  Christmas table runner was made from my stash(Thimbleberries), and I plan to make a few more table runners because they are so easy and fast.  I cut a 12 1/2 inch by 4 inch rectangle out of nine fabrics and in the photo you can see that I repeated some of the same fabrics to make mine symmetrical.  (Have I mentioned that I have an accounting degree and that I have always kind of liked math : )  The border is cut  1 1/2 inches and I sew using a seam allowance of 1/4 inch.  After adding binding the table runner finished at 15 inches x 36 inches.  You can easily make yours longer by adding a few more rectangles.

As you will see, I haven't learned my lesson yet, and I used green thread on the backing.  I am not pleased with the result, and I hope I remember next time to put a different thread in the bobbin : )  I could also use a darker fabric next time for my backing.  I machine quilted with straight line quilting and I think it was the right choice for this table runner.

I will have a few more Christmas projects to show you during the holidays!



Naturally Carol said...

I agree that darker material on the back, or red perhaps may have looked better, but who will know when it is sitting on the table. Put something on top and nobody will be rude enough to turn it over. I think the top is delightful, you've done a great job!

Quiltstory said...

Really cute, I love how it turned out. And straight line quilting is perfect. Thanks for sharing!!