Saturday, January 16, 2016

indigo dye

We have had some beautiful days for January in Oklahoma, and one of the members of my small group(we met at the OKCMQG) invited us over to indigo dye at her home!  I was first introduced to indigo dyeing at The Makerie Sewing Retreat with Kaari Meng from French General that I blogged about here.   I have always planned to do it again, and thanks to my friend, Agnes, I got the chance : )

She bravely let us leave the vat in her kitchen sink!  We had so much fun making designs with rubber bands, popsicle sticks, pipes, and clamps.

I brought vintage lace and linen to dye, but my friends let me have a bit of their cotton fabric to play with too.

These are my indigo treasures!

I already have plans to do this again in the spring...I think my daughter and daughter-in-law would enjoy this...I know I will : )

The indigo dye that we used is in the picture below...I have ordered a catalog from Dharma Trading. 

I am now dreaming of dying with walnuts and avocado is fun to dream!



Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Some beautiful results. I've never dyed fabric but one of our guild members frequently does. She did a workshop last year and might be doing it again this year. Maybe I should take it.

lindaroo said...

The indigo is such a fabulous color. I especially like the long rectangle with the waves pattern on it. Beautiful, and what fun!