Sunday, June 26, 2011

chicken vegetable soup and a little quilt

My husband, TR, and I have been on a healthy diet kick(we also wanted to lose some weight) and chose the 17 Day Diet as a guide.  We have been successful losing some weight, but more importantly, creating some great healthy eating habits : )  I am sure soup doesn't sound like a summer meal, but we have this soup often and change it up with the vegetables that we have on hand from the farmer's market or the food store.  We have always enjoyed many soup recipes in the winter, but this one is working out just fine for our summer routine.

 The 17 Day Diet Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe can be found in Dr. Mike Moreno's book along with other great recipes or here.
I don't make it exactly like the doctor's recipe, so here is how I make it:
First I saute in olive oil... onions, celery, green/red/yellow peppers, carrots and garlic(whatever you have on hand)
Next I add my chicken stock/broth and half head of chopped cabbage(let this boil a bit)
Then I add diced basil and garlic tomatoes and original rotel(you can always use fresh tomatoes and jalepenos) and all the other vegetables that you desire at the moment...the sky is the limit : )
Add diced cooked chicken and season to your taste.  Simmer and enjoy!
(cooked chicken can be grilled, baked or rotisserie...I have made each way and they all make a great soup)

Remember, I am not a cooking blog, so I am just sharing something that I like to eat and not trying to give The Pioneer Woman any competition....LOL.

Here's a little 4th of July quilt that I made several years ago.


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