Sunday, March 6, 2011

insul bright and hydrogen peroxide

Today I was in the mood for a quick project.  I turned my little vintage creamer stitchery into a hot pad.  I used Insul Bright and discovered that it is very easy to stitch through!   I haven't stitched the vintage sugar yet, so the cup and saucer pattern hasn't been posted.  I don't know if anyone is stitching them with me or not, but I  will copy the cup and saucer on my pattern page next week.

I nearly always prick my finger with the needle at least once while stitching a project : )  I use hydrogen peroxide and a Q-tip to blot out the blood spots and it works quite well.  This tip was found somewhere here in blogland and it has saved me from ruining a project more than once!

I am considering tea dying these little hot pads when they are all finished, and then maybe I won't mind using them.  I'm afraid the white linen will be dirty in no time!

Linked to Have a Stitchin' Weekend with That Girl That Quilt blog and Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story blog.




Irina said...

I've never tried embroidery but I must say these patterns are so lovely. I love tea and anything that has to do with it I really like. They look great on linen and turning this into a hot pad is a great idea that has come out really well.
I've never bought linen, what kind would you recommend me to buy? and which store online?
thank you!

Jennifer said...

So cute! I keep wanting to try embroidery and your project has really inspired me to try!

Jennifer :)

Karenkay said...

they look so adorable, and I think tea staining them would really make them vintage looking!

Quiltstory said...

It is so darling. Love the little tea pot! Thanks for linking to Quiltstory!