Saturday, October 9, 2010

a little embroidery

I have lots of projects going...I think I may have a bit of quilter's attention deficit disorder...and when I don't know which project to pick up, I like to do a little embroidery.   My current embroidery project is going to be a series of labyrinths or mazes.  I like their design and I think they will keep my attention : )  I started with the classic labyrinth below.  It is designed as a finger labyrinth, that you can walk with your finger instead of walking the large labyrinths.  Labyrinths are designed for you to follow a path while you reflect and meditate.  There is a walking labyrinth at one of the hospitals in my town.  I like to walk and I usually do a lot of thinking and praying while I walk, but I haven't ever walked a labyrinth.

I am going to add some hand quilting, but I haven't decided on the color of the thread.  I used Moda Uptown fabric for the border.  Don't forget about the giveaway here.


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